1.What is the Tourism Policy of Bhutan?

Since, 1974 Bhutan has followed a policy of cautious growth a ‘high value, low volume’ tourism policy.Tourism has been monitered in Bhutan to some extent, so as to preserve the traditional culture and identity. The tourism industry in Bhutan is based on the principle of sustainability which means that tourism is ecologically friendly, environmentally, socially and culturally acceptable and economically viable.Tourists have been required to travel with licensed Bhutanese tour operators accompanied by licensed guides, accommodated in licensed accommodation, travelling on defined routes and paying a minimum daily rate.

2.When and how to travel to Bhutan?

Bhutan has season for everyone.

Spring (March, April, and May) – The time for festivals in Paro, one of the largest monastic festivals, Paro tshechu (festival) take place. Season for trekkers in moderate altitudes. The temperature is pleasant mild even up to Alpine regions.

Summer (June, July, August) – This time of the year is monsoon, but this should not deter travelers. In the settled areas of central and western Bhutan pleasant summer temperatures without heat or humidity can be experienced. Rainfalls for short period daily but its manageable with adequate planning and equipment.

Autumn (Sept, Oct, Nov) – The traditional high season in Bhutan have the highest number of festivals. Trekkers enjoy the clear view of the mountains in October and low rainfall. Rice harvest means a picturesque landscape, remarkable terraces and changing colour.

Winter (December, January, and February) – The dry and pleasant conditions make this the best time of the year for bird watching in the jungles, village to village trekking in the lower altitude or a bicycle trip along the mountain roads is one way to spend a perfect holiday.

3.Do I need a passport? Do I need a visa for Bhutan?

Yes, you will require passport to travel to Bhutan and validity of at least six months beyond your intended stay.

All visitors traveling to Bhutan are required to obtain a visa except for Indian nationals holding a valid passport / voters ID card. For Indian nationals a valid Indian passport or voters ID card is required if you are traveling or flying into Paro International Airport/ and if you are traveling by road from the border town Phuentsholing you will have to carry a valid voters ID card or valid Indian passport & 3 copies of passport size photographs.For school student or children – Birth certificate is required or Valid Passport (any one) Note: Driving License / Pan Card / OCI card is not accepted as travel document in Bhutan.

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