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The Kingdom of Bhutan, a gem in the eastern Himalayas, areas 38,394 square km. and is populated with just a little above 750,000. Looking from a natural side, Bhutan is a gem in the Himalayas. Fauna and flora flourish in great varieties as the terrain rises from southern foothills (150m above sea level) to unclimbed peaks over 7000m. Delve into the 8th century and follow the trails of Guru Padmasambhava’s legendary travel through Bhutan. Legend says that he flew to the cliff s of Taktsang on the back of a tigress. Off to the land of sprawling green, of sun-kissed hills and of a vibrant upwardly moving culture that is deep-rooted in spirituality – a visit to Bhutan will be the most soul refining trip you can ever have in your lifetime. Elevation staring from 150 m above the sea level going up to more than 7000m, visit this is a place where you can fill your lungs with pure and unpolluted air. The enchanting view and the vibrant culture will soothe your eyes and fill your heart with contentment. Visit Bhutan to explore the true essence of a sustainable lifestyle, where biodiversity finds a home and spirituality thrives in the purest form. Bhutan opened doors for tourism in the year 1974 and has since garnered a special place in the bucket list of every globetrotter. We offer the best Bhutan tour packages for our customers. We get you the best rates for everything starting from accommodation, food as well as tourist spots. We have well equipped medical facilities for the tourists for any medical emergency during the trip. You can go through the travel itinerary for each and every package on our website along with the rates. We bring to you the complete experience of Bhutan in the most authentic manner. This is a place that grows on you and stays with you long after you have left the place. Come, touch and explore one of the most ancient cultures, the pristine nature and the most beautiful patch of land on this planet. Book Bhutan luxury travel packages and allow us to bring to you this incredible experience.

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