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Cusines of Bhutan

Besides the stunning landscapes and colorful celebration of numerous festivals, The Land of Thunderbolt also offers varied delicacies. Bhutanese cuisine comprises buckwheat, maize, and rice. Their diet also consists of meat of chicken, pork, lamb, yak, and dried meat. Rice, stews, meat soup, ferns, lentils, and dry vegetables cooked with cheese and spices, are consumed on cold days. Ema Datshi is a popular dish in Bhutan prepared in cheesy sauce and green chili pepper. It can be considered the national dish due to the ubiquity and pride that the local folks have for it. Other must-try delicacies are Phaksha Paa, Jasha Maru, Kewa Datshi, and more.


Khur-Le is a dish served for breakfast. Soft, spongy buckwheat pancakes served with butter, eggs & chili sauce warms up your heart right in the morning.

Goen Hogay

Goen Hogay is a preppy cucumber salad tossed with slices of onion, tomatoes, sprinkled with coriander, ample chili flakes and then seasoned with a dressing of the runny cheese that is extensively used in Bhutan for flavoring. It is eaten as a refreshing side dish.


Jaju is a warm, hearty soup prepared with leafy vegetables that are simmered in ample milk & butter.


Khatem is thin slices of bitter gourd fried in butter until crispy, eaten with rice.


Hoentay is steamy buckwheat dumplings filled with turnip leaves & cheese filling, served with a fiery chili sauce.

Ema Datsi

Ema Datsi, the national dish of Bhutan, is a rich stew made of fresh/dried chilies seasoned with generous helpings the mildly pungent Datsi cheese. You will run into many version of Datsi dishes, where cheese is cooked with potatoes, or turnips, or chunks of dry meat. It can be beef or pork.

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